Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Church Friends

Joselyn-Cami Cordozo-camila, me, feli, and maile

Camila being super silly, and feli..well being feli!

(Fede, a friend sitting next me, not sure what kind of pose im pulling off ajaja)

I love my friends from school. I am very lucky to have some pretty amazing ones. Friends that both I and my parents trust, who help me, not put me down. However nothing beats a good friend from church. There is something special about friends from church. Its like once you become friends you become family. Now of course im not saying that doesnt happen with friends outside of church...but theres just something a little more to it.

Feli has been my friend since I moved here. She speaks wonderfull english and is so much fun to be around. We are ALWAYS laughing, and giggling, and telling jokes. We know what the other person is going to say before they even say it, and ive definatly missed my friends in Florida who I have the same connections with.

Camila I met at EFY. She lived abroad for many years so of course went to an international school and learned perfect English. She too is Argentine, but reminds me so much of home. We got a long so well at EFY and have been friends ever since.

The three of us have had sleepovers, and gone to dances, and spent all day playing Just Dance 3 on the wii. We talk about boys, and church, and clothes, and all the girl things you could think of. We have seriouse conversations and pointless conversations. They have really been great to be with. I have met some other great people through both of them as well and we have all got a long just great. We go to church firesides, and movies, and many things together. Its been a blast.

I could never replace my friends in Florida. Its utterly impossible. But it is so wonderfull to have amazing friends here. Both in school and out. I am very blessed, and I am gratefull everyday for the help I have been given while living here. Everyday it gets a little bit easier and better.