Friday, December 30, 2011

Boca yo te amo

Soccer of course is a huge deal here. My mom and Taylor and I went to the Boca stadium. It was pretty cool I must say. I love sports and it was fun to see the stadium and the hall of fame and cool videos. Hope I can make it out to a game!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Ive been saying I want to get into shape for a longggg time. And im finally doing and being seriouse about it. My mom got me a membership to a very nice gym by my house, and I have to say...ive been working super hard! It has a ton of great classes and little "gadgets" to help me stay on track. I go everyday (except Sunday) And sometimes multiple times. I cant wait to see the results in a month!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A few Christmas Pics

My mom and I made 200 handmade snowglobes...they turned out way cool but wayyyy to much work.

Our first fake, but beautiful Argentine Christmas tree (:

At midnight the Argentines along with 2 hours worth of AMAZING fireworks, let off lanterns. Every lantern that goes up you make a wish. These people are my neighbors. Unfortunatly the fire was a little to much in that one and it fell and landed on their roof...while still being on fire..hahaha but many more whent up into the sky and it was like watching the movie tangled!

The Hermanas and I at the Christmas party!

Christmas 2011, with my (magic Ray Bans haha)

Merry Christmas

This Christmas was a lot different then usual for a lot of reasons. However it was really wonderfull for more reasons than not. I truly am blessed to be here in Argentina. I feel like its really preparing me for my future. Being here means I have to act like an adult sometimes and I think that its a good thing to practice. I had a great time spending Christmas with the missionaries as well. They truly are inspirational. I wish that everyone could see young men and women doing the Lords work, and the effort and dilligiance that they put into their everyday lives.

The people in Argentina really focus more on family time and traditions, more than they do on the gifts and I love it. Honestly just having a good family party, staying up late, having a great time, remembering all the things to be greatfull for, thats the best part of Christmas to me. I was fortunate to recieve great gifts that are helping me reach my goals. My mom really does know me well (:

I hope the missionaries enjoyed talking to their families. It was sooo sweet to watch the Elders in my home talking and sharing their testimonies with their families. These 6 months have gone by fast, but I feel like im finally settled in and am ready to start and complete my goals. I love and miss everyone in Florida soooo much! And I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Carter <3

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

200 missionary snowglobes on the wall..

You know the song.. "99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer...
you take one down, pass it around..
98 bottles of beer on the wall.."

Well heres my rendition.. "200 missionary (handmade) snowglobes on the counter..
200 missionary snowglobesssss...
you take one down, pass it around
199 missionary snowglobes on the wall"

Why did I make up this rendition you may ask? Well, my mom had a great idea to make snowglobes for the missionaries for Christmas! Which is awesome and they turned out super cute!!!! They have a little tree with the mission logo and glitter "snow" and the a missionary and his companion are in the jar, with a Argentine ribbon tied on the bottom! Super cute right!? But let me tell you something...doing 200 of anything! That has to be personalized and takes atleasttttt 4 WHOLE days to make, is just too much.

Next year, we of course will make more Christmas presents, but maybe a little more facil (easy) (;

P.S pictures will be comming soon.

Friday, December 16, 2011


I love music. I always have, since I was little listening to children listening to Enya and Eifal 65. I listen to it all the time! I like listening to new things as well. I would say my favorite kinds of music would be country, Pop, and piano. Now its brazilian music like (Ai se eu te pego) and wachituro music (Argentine) columbian (Shakira) Latin america (Makano).

I find that I learn a lot of spanish by singing to the music. My close friends are brazilian so I often listen to that too, and I love it. Who knew I would ever listen to this music?

Amigas, te amo!



Eli-Me-Brendi! (Brenden)

(Alot of my friends jaja)

I love my friends! Especially Marina, and Gonzalo! Theyve been my friends since the month before I moved, when Gonzalo added me on facebook! Vicky I also met shortly after and I love her sooo much! We always have good times together, and we are always laughing and happy. Sadly Victoria is moving back to Brazil. Today Ma had a goodbye party for her, with a pool slide and music, and trampoline, food games, and a movie. It was great. Im definatly gonna miss my vicky! But we have made some great memories!

I was also able to spend lots of time with some other close friends. Eli decided she wanted to take pictures soo off to photobooth we went. My friends have really helped me settle in nicely and have been here for me since I moved. They respect my religouse beliefs and support me, and I think thats what meens the most. Im so happy to have them, and every moment is so special!

Good laughs, Sunshine, and friends. Te amo.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I hate tests. So when the end of the semester comes, everyone is studying for days, or even weeks.
(this is what ive felt like the past 5 days (not including Sunday of course)

My school in Florida I thought was some what difficult. Well, that school looks like 1st grade compared to my school her in Argentina. Almost every night I have homework, and most of the time im doing it for hours! So you can only imagine how hard the exams are going to be.

(this is not of me, but its a pretty close picture to what I looked like studying for history)

So for the past week and a half I have actually been studying. Studying all that I can. And to be honest im quite proud of myself. I have actually sat down and made flashcards, and read my book, and done online quizes to prepare myself. Now im not saying im going to get a 100. Highly unlikely but I am happy with the effort I have put in and at least I felt good going into my first 3 exams.
(this is what I will feel like after they are all done!)

Today 2 of my friends came over to study for math and chemistry. One only stayed for about on hour because her brother came into town, but the other stayed for a good 4 hours. After her helping review chemistry with me, and working on math we whent swimming in my pool, and listned to music. It was a lot of fun. Still more studying to do, but it was a productive day.

I cannot WAIT till school is over, because these exams are killing me!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I am a child of God

Often times I think back on my childhood. The things that happened, that made me who I am today. My parents adopted me when I was 3, and they have loved me and been the best parents they could be since then, and I know they will continue to be. Sometimes people ask me if I think my life would be any different than it is today. Well the answer is yes. My parents gave me the most important thing you can give a child. And that was the knowledge of the gospel, and Jesus Christ. They taught me how to pray, and how to sing children hymns. They taught me to love everyone and to love myself. They taught me of the blessings that I have been given by Heavenly Father. They taught me right from wrong..and so many other things. Of course no person is perfect, and I am far from it. But im gratefull that I have the knowledge I have and that I know that I can learn and progress.

Today after a Stake conference in Marcos Paz, I saw this little boy holding his daddys hand. His dad was going around to all of the missionaries thanking them for service to God, and for the love that they have shown their stake/ward. He thanked my dad for his role in the church. Then I watched as the little boy went up to a missionary, tilted his head all the way back, shook his hand and smiled, and then went back to his dad.

This little boy, may or may not know now how blessed he is to have a dad that loves the church and the missionaries. The little boy may or may not know, that the simple things like going to church and going to nursery and primary are the things that are going to help him grow up into a rightouse young man, and then a missionary. This young boy may or may not know that he is going to be the husband of a young woman, and take her to the temple. Just because his daddy loved him enough to take him to church, and to take him to see the missionaries.

Im greatfull for my parents. And im greatfull for the missionaries. The Lord has blessed us with soooo many things to help us grow and to return to him. And I see it everyday. Especially when I saw this little boy. I hope his daddy keeps taking him to church. Because I can already tell he will become a great missionary.

Its called commitment...

And I am commiting to being healthier. For the next 6 weeks, I will be working out, eating healthy and trying my best to be focussed on my goals...and commiting to them.
(picture from my cousins blog)


I absoloutly love planning, and decorating and creating new things. Sometimes im at a loss for new ideas. When my cousin came to Fl, a while ago she mentioned a site called Pinterest. I sort of forgot about it, but then one of my sisters mentioned it to me. Needless to addicted....Well maybe not addicted but thats pretty close.

Whenever I have spare time(which that seems to be rapidly decreasing) I hit up Pinterest for new ideas. Im seriouse...that site is the best!!! I use it for baking ideas, hair ideas, style ideas, and so many other things. I love it.

The reason why im blogging about this is because at some point when im older and have a family and have forgotten about this site. I will look at my blog book and remember my great days of pinning.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like....summer?

Yes, indeed. Its 24 days untill christmas and it is summer here in Argentina. If it werent for the stores with christmas decorations, im not sure it would be very evident that its christmas time. For those who are in Florida, I know what December is like. Sometimes warm, sometimes inbetween, and sometimes freeeeeezing! Well here, its nothing but good old high 80¨s...however summers only just barely begun.

I love christmas time! I love picking out presents for everyone and seeing smiles and everyone being so close. I can never go to sleep at a decent time because im so excited! (the funny thing is though, that im always the last person to wake a long shot haha) Im excited for my first Christmas here though! I dont think we where here long enough last time to have celebrated it or atleast I dont remember.

The only thing I was a little bit sad about was that, instead of going and searching for the perfect tree under a huge tent by the side of the road...we went shopping in a store, and brought home our tree in a box. First time ive ever had a fake tree. I must say though it turned out quite cute!

Our usual trees are very elegant and this year I was excited to decorate our tree like Argentina! It turned out way cute (major props to my mom)