Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend fun

(good old photobooth)
This past weekend I spent with my 3 best girl friends, at the Costas house. We all went to dance rehearsals together and then went out to eat and to Camilas house. We stayed up till about two in the morning just talking about life...and of course in spanish, which is always fun. Sunday we managed to wake up, and headed of to church. Afterwords the 4 of use made lunch for the family, and watched the 3 muskateers. I love spending time with them, the Costas are like my family, we all get a long great. Zeqi is my like my little brother, him and I are dance partners, and we made it lots of fun on Saturday. Im going to miss everyone during the summer!

Senior prank day

 They had to clean up afterwords.
 7:15 in the morning..chilling with the seniors since i managed to make my way through the webs. (they were tired)
 Insane huh? Thats not even half of it...image having to climb down the stairs with that.
My friend Maile and I get to school at around 7:10 every morning because we go straight there after seminary. My good friends warned me ahead of time about the "Senior Pranks" but I honestly didnt think the seniors would carry through with it, nor would they make it a big deal. Well I was wrong.....they did make it a big deal. Maile and I were greated with nice cold water baloons, and shaving cream. The seniors blocked of EVERY entrance, and I mean EVERY entrance, and so you had to go through the main doors, where all 60 of them were standing. They got to the school at 4 o clock in the morning to make it into a giant spider web, so that they could watch people climb through. They put zip ties on all the lockers. They stole the mouses from all the teachers room, and locked some of the rooms from the inside out. The took out all the tables and chairs and stacked them in the hallways. Throughout the day they threw waterballoons, and baloons filled with ketchup...yes. Ketchup. Needless to say it was a crazy day. I had a lot of fun though. Sure I was covered in water (in the cold) and shaving cream. I had to crawl through the webs by myself in front of all of them..but it was so funny. I cant wait till im a senior...its going to be great ;)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer plans....?

Well after a long time of working, and hoping...IM GOING TO FLORIDA FOR SUMMER! I couldnt be more thrilled!! I will surely miss argentina and everyone for the 6 weeks, but I am thrilled! So many fun things in store I cant wait! Summer 2012 here I come!

Progress Report FOR THE WIN!

I just had to say this....I HAVE GOOD GRADES! and Comments on my report card, yessss!!! I am very proud of myself!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Autumn day with Maile!

Maile and I have really become good friends over the past couple of months. We have a couple of classes at school together, and we go to seminary together every morning, and then we go to school to study. On the weekends we go out to dinner, or to the movies, or to dances. We laugh so hard when we are together, and always have things to talk about. She is a great example to me, and im greatfull to have her as such a good friend.

On Friday her and I had a GNO and went to Kansas to enjoy some good pasta!! We had a great talk and I enjoyed her company after a hard day at school. This Saturday we had New Beginnings, and afterwords we went back to her house. We wanted to go for a bike ride, but there was only her younger sisters bikes. Well us being sooooo cool, decided we would ride them anyways. One of them even had a flat tire, but her and I pushed through it. We laughed so hard, and im sure the passing people thought we were crazy! We then went to the big tree in the middle of the neighborhood and climbed it! It has been a long time since I have been so adventurous. We sat and climbed the tree, and listened and sang to country music like always!

 Just that cool.

 I climbed the tree!!
 Beautiful Autumn day in Sani Sidro Chico!
 Little bikes...

 CrAzY HaIr!!

Juan my Remis driver is sooo cool, he always plays the music super loud and dances and sings along with us!

 (the lady yelled at us afterwords for taking pictures in the stoor...whoopss!)
Yeah..theres a barbie store, and is ALWAYS full!

Afterwords we went to go see The Avengers at Unicenter. We ate Subway because we were missing it! Then went to freddos and got an icecream, and found a sweet surprise when we saw that they had put M&Ms in the bottom of the cone! We walked around the mall, got tired, sat on a bench, got up kept walking, got tired sat down again, and then decided to wait in the food court right before the movie. We had been at the mall for like 4 or 5 hours and it was a long day! We finally got into the movie at 8, and saw some friends from school. We loved the movie, and on the way home almost fell asleep in the remis because we were so tired. It was a great weekend, im so happy to have such good friends from church here. Anyone who knows me, knows that friends mean the world to me!!