Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Senior prank day

 They had to clean up afterwords.
 7:15 in the morning..chilling with the seniors since i managed to make my way through the webs. (they were tired)
 Insane huh? Thats not even half of it...image having to climb down the stairs with that.
My friend Maile and I get to school at around 7:10 every morning because we go straight there after seminary. My good friends warned me ahead of time about the "Senior Pranks" but I honestly didnt think the seniors would carry through with it, nor would they make it a big deal. Well I was wrong.....they did make it a big deal. Maile and I were greated with nice cold water baloons, and shaving cream. The seniors blocked of EVERY entrance, and I mean EVERY entrance, and so you had to go through the main doors, where all 60 of them were standing. They got to the school at 4 o clock in the morning to make it into a giant spider web, so that they could watch people climb through. They put zip ties on all the lockers. They stole the mouses from all the teachers room, and locked some of the rooms from the inside out. The took out all the tables and chairs and stacked them in the hallways. Throughout the day they threw waterballoons, and baloons filled with ketchup...yes. Ketchup. Needless to say it was a crazy day. I had a lot of fun though. Sure I was covered in water (in the cold) and shaving cream. I had to crawl through the webs by myself in front of all of them..but it was so funny. I cant wait till im a senior...its going to be great ;)