Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer has begun!

I managed to make it through the airport and to Florida! I was a little nervous to fly alone. Flying from one country to another is a little bit tricky! I made it though, safe and sound. Waiting for me was Rick and it was an emotional meeting. Its been a year since I have been gone and its a great feeling to be back to visit.

The girls had been at Girls Camp all week, and came back on Saturday morning. But we still made time to have lots of fun that day too! Natalie and I went to the lake house, and drove the Jet Ski's and then Rick pulled us on the tube, and Natalie and I were back to being the same adventurous girls as always! We played just dance on the X-Box motion thing. We got our eyebrows done, and got manicures and pedicures. It sure was a fun day, but above all else, it was nice just to spend time with my best friends.

Sunday was only even more emotional because I saw everyone from my home ward. It was so great to see all of their smiling faces, and loving embraces. The ward really has grown and its wonderful to see. I was so proud to see the young women and how far they have come. I really do love them all.

 we took some funny pictures!

 Good old Dr. Quin :)

Natalie and I watched some good old Dr. Quin, and rested today. Linda and I went on a nice walk with the dog and caught up a bit. More fun time are to come. Cant wait :)