Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Country Girl

I enjoy going to the city every now and then, but honestly im a country girl. I like horses, and open space. I like 4 wheeling and playing on lakes. I like bonfires and smores. I like sitting in the car with the windows down, singing country songs with my best friends. I love cute houses that sit on acres of land. I just love it all.

My best friend Natalie and I have had some of our best memories in the country. On the farm playing games on the 4 wheelers like hide and go seek. Going to horse shows, and riding horses. Singing Carrie Underwood and HonkeyTonk Badonkeydonk. We dance to country line dances, and watch country movies. What more could you ask for?

Today my history teacher said that we would all move to a city when we get out of school. And that we would be work aholics trying to get as much money as possible. Well news for him..I could not live in a city. And im not going to unless I absoloutly have too. I do not care how much money I make as long as I can take care of my family. Infact if I dont have to, id much rather be a mom to my children.

I have lately decided what I will do after highschool. I want to go to Paul Mitchell and study hair and makeup and cosmotolagy. I want to make other people happy and beautiful. I want to use my talents and love what I do. And I love to do hair and makeup and talk to people and make them look as beautiful as possible and have them be happy.

So Mr. Stone, if you ever need a haircutt sometime when your out in the country or anywhere but in the city. Look me up.