Monday, November 21, 2011

Stage Door

I have never actually been in a play before, (besides the ones at girls camp) but since im taking a theatre class at my school as an elective, I thought it would be fun just to try out. I was very lucky to get a role in the play because we did have to audition and not everyone was chosen. I got the role as Mattie, the Maid. I was actually quite excited and felt like even though I didnt have as many lines as others, I could still spice it up a bit. I worked very hard for months along with my fellow cast members and spent long hours after school as well as all day saturday rehearsing. I was very proud of myself because I remembered every single one of my lines, and all of my entrances. Our play turned out great and I had a lot of fun. But...I think ill be taking a break from plays for a while, being an actress is hard work (;