Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sun, Soccor, and Matte

( I have no idea why tomas is crouched down so low lol)

One of the P.E coaches taken a break drinkin matte with wills

SAAC is a very big deal at my school. You think being on the Varsity team at school is great? How about competing in a different country against 6 other different international schools from different countries. I think that is very cool. Its a great honor because not the whole team gets to go, only the very best players. SAAC soccor was held at my school this year and the students where able to skip most classes for the three days we hosted to watch the games. It was fun to meet new people, and of course to skip class. The weather was so gorgeouse that day and I was able to take great pictures for my yearbook class. Everything was just kind of laid back and chill, including some of my teachers.