Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I often think about all the events that have led up to this one very special one. The mission. Right before we moved I whent to a special addition EFY in temple square. It was absoloutly amazing!

Something that was very special was that after scripture study we had a little extra time before going to our next activitie, so a few girls and I had the idea to go sing under the Prophets window. So we started to sing "we thank the oh god for a prophet". At first nothing happened but then one of the secretaries came to the window and waved for us to stay put. Next thing we know, President Thomas S. Monson is standing at the window. We begin to sing some more but of course we are just balling our eyes out. The Prophet led us and blew us kisses and at the end saluted us. It was a preciouse memory that I will always remember.

My efy counselar and I became best friends. She helped me overcome my small fear of moving and change. People like her are reasons why efy is so worth it and so amazing! This upcoming efy ill be attending it at the church ranch here in Argentina. Where everyone speaks spanish. Ive heard its amazing so I cant wait!