Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sweet 16! finally!

I think ive been waiting to turn 16 since I turned 13. Im not exactly sure why it was always such a big deal? Maybe because I was jealouse of my friends getting to go out on dates. Or maybe its because its the age you can drive? Or maybe because your right in the middle of teenage years, so your old and young? Yepp, all of those seem to be right!

To be honest I am a little bit sad that there are no guys here that understand and appreciate the value of turning 16 for a Mormon girl such as myself. So I didnt get that awesome.. I.just.turned.16.first.date hahaha. Thats okay, it will come (; On the plus side I have lots of good guy friends, and being 16 does make it easier to hang out with! Either way, being 16 is the bomb!

(two more years and im 18, and finished with highschool baby:)

So for my birthday I whent and saw Breakingdawn, which was fine, but kind of lame. Then went out to BICE! One of my favorite resturaunts! Did a lot of shopping with my mom and got Persico icecream for my "cake"(it was amazing). My dad bought me 16 white roses, even though the lady persissted on him taking all 24. That was one of the best gifts because white roses are my favorite flower and he took the time to remember and get them. Those kind of gifts mean the most to me.

Before I whent to bed I got a call from the assistants and office elders. They tried to be all cool and act like there was a reason they were calling other than to sing to me, but I could tell (; It was super sweet, they sang in english, and just said a few nice things and then one elder wished me happy birthday dreams...I couldnt stop laughing at that, it was so random and I had never heard it before, but hey its creative.

All in all it was a great two days worth of celebrating, and I cant wait till im... 18!!


karla said...

Hi Brianna, I've been trying to call you! Love grandma

karla said...
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karla said...

Hi Brianna, I emailed you last week. I saw your blog and loved your pics. You look so pretty and I'm so happy to see you having so much fun! I love you!

karla said...

Happy Birthday Brianna! Have a Fantastic birthday! sending this now so you have it for tomorrow. Love you and miss you. Grandma & G G xoxoxoxo

karla said...

Happy Birthday Brianna! I love you!