Thursday, December 8, 2011


I hate tests. So when the end of the semester comes, everyone is studying for days, or even weeks.
(this is what ive felt like the past 5 days (not including Sunday of course)

My school in Florida I thought was some what difficult. Well, that school looks like 1st grade compared to my school her in Argentina. Almost every night I have homework, and most of the time im doing it for hours! So you can only imagine how hard the exams are going to be.

(this is not of me, but its a pretty close picture to what I looked like studying for history)

So for the past week and a half I have actually been studying. Studying all that I can. And to be honest im quite proud of myself. I have actually sat down and made flashcards, and read my book, and done online quizes to prepare myself. Now im not saying im going to get a 100. Highly unlikely but I am happy with the effort I have put in and at least I felt good going into my first 3 exams.
(this is what I will feel like after they are all done!)

Today 2 of my friends came over to study for math and chemistry. One only stayed for about on hour because her brother came into town, but the other stayed for a good 4 hours. After her helping review chemistry with me, and working on math we whent swimming in my pool, and listned to music. It was a lot of fun. Still more studying to do, but it was a productive day.

I cannot WAIT till school is over, because these exams are killing me!