Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

This Christmas was a lot different then usual for a lot of reasons. However it was really wonderfull for more reasons than not. I truly am blessed to be here in Argentina. I feel like its really preparing me for my future. Being here means I have to act like an adult sometimes and I think that its a good thing to practice. I had a great time spending Christmas with the missionaries as well. They truly are inspirational. I wish that everyone could see young men and women doing the Lords work, and the effort and dilligiance that they put into their everyday lives.

The people in Argentina really focus more on family time and traditions, more than they do on the gifts and I love it. Honestly just having a good family party, staying up late, having a great time, remembering all the things to be greatfull for, thats the best part of Christmas to me. I was fortunate to recieve great gifts that are helping me reach my goals. My mom really does know me well (:

I hope the missionaries enjoyed talking to their families. It was sooo sweet to watch the Elders in my home talking and sharing their testimonies with their families. These 6 months have gone by fast, but I feel like im finally settled in and am ready to start and complete my goals. I love and miss everyone in Florida soooo much! And I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Carter <3