Tuesday, December 20, 2011

200 missionary snowglobes on the wall..

You know the song.. "99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer...
you take one down, pass it around..
98 bottles of beer on the wall.."

Well heres my rendition.. "200 missionary (handmade) snowglobes on the counter..
200 missionary snowglobesssss...
you take one down, pass it around
199 missionary snowglobes on the wall"

Why did I make up this rendition you may ask? Well, my mom had a great idea to make snowglobes for the missionaries for Christmas! Which is awesome and they turned out super cute!!!! They have a little tree with the mission logo and glitter "snow" and the a missionary and his companion are in the jar, with a Argentine ribbon tied on the bottom! Super cute right!? But let me tell you something...doing 200 of anything! That has to be personalized and takes atleasttttt 4 WHOLE days to make, is just too much.

Next year, we of course will make more Christmas presents, but maybe a little more facil (easy) (;

P.S pictures will be comming soon.