Thursday, December 1, 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like....summer?

Yes, indeed. Its 24 days untill christmas and it is summer here in Argentina. If it werent for the stores with christmas decorations, im not sure it would be very evident that its christmas time. For those who are in Florida, I know what December is like. Sometimes warm, sometimes inbetween, and sometimes freeeeeezing! Well here, its nothing but good old high 80¨s...however summers only just barely begun.

I love christmas time! I love picking out presents for everyone and seeing smiles and everyone being so close. I can never go to sleep at a decent time because im so excited! (the funny thing is though, that im always the last person to wake a long shot haha) Im excited for my first Christmas here though! I dont think we where here long enough last time to have celebrated it or atleast I dont remember.

The only thing I was a little bit sad about was that, instead of going and searching for the perfect tree under a huge tent by the side of the road...we went shopping in a store, and brought home our tree in a box. First time ive ever had a fake tree. I must say though it turned out quite cute!

Our usual trees are very elegant and this year I was excited to decorate our tree like Argentina! It turned out way cute (major props to my mom)