Friday, December 16, 2011

Amigas, te amo!



Eli-Me-Brendi! (Brenden)

(Alot of my friends jaja)

I love my friends! Especially Marina, and Gonzalo! Theyve been my friends since the month before I moved, when Gonzalo added me on facebook! Vicky I also met shortly after and I love her sooo much! We always have good times together, and we are always laughing and happy. Sadly Victoria is moving back to Brazil. Today Ma had a goodbye party for her, with a pool slide and music, and trampoline, food games, and a movie. It was great. Im definatly gonna miss my vicky! But we have made some great memories!

I was also able to spend lots of time with some other close friends. Eli decided she wanted to take pictures soo off to photobooth we went. My friends have really helped me settle in nicely and have been here for me since I moved. They respect my religouse beliefs and support me, and I think thats what meens the most. Im so happy to have them, and every moment is so special!

Good laughs, Sunshine, and friends. Te amo.