Sunday, December 4, 2011

I am a child of God

Often times I think back on my childhood. The things that happened, that made me who I am today. My parents adopted me when I was 3, and they have loved me and been the best parents they could be since then, and I know they will continue to be. Sometimes people ask me if I think my life would be any different than it is today. Well the answer is yes. My parents gave me the most important thing you can give a child. And that was the knowledge of the gospel, and Jesus Christ. They taught me how to pray, and how to sing children hymns. They taught me to love everyone and to love myself. They taught me of the blessings that I have been given by Heavenly Father. They taught me right from wrong..and so many other things. Of course no person is perfect, and I am far from it. But im gratefull that I have the knowledge I have and that I know that I can learn and progress.

Today after a Stake conference in Marcos Paz, I saw this little boy holding his daddys hand. His dad was going around to all of the missionaries thanking them for service to God, and for the love that they have shown their stake/ward. He thanked my dad for his role in the church. Then I watched as the little boy went up to a missionary, tilted his head all the way back, shook his hand and smiled, and then went back to his dad.

This little boy, may or may not know now how blessed he is to have a dad that loves the church and the missionaries. The little boy may or may not know, that the simple things like going to church and going to nursery and primary are the things that are going to help him grow up into a rightouse young man, and then a missionary. This young boy may or may not know that he is going to be the husband of a young woman, and take her to the temple. Just because his daddy loved him enough to take him to church, and to take him to see the missionaries.

Im greatfull for my parents. And im greatfull for the missionaries. The Lord has blessed us with soooo many things to help us grow and to return to him. And I see it everyday. Especially when I saw this little boy. I hope his daddy keeps taking him to church. Because I can already tell he will become a great missionary.