Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Balet at Teatro Colon

Where the performance was held

My mom and dad have recently gone to see an amazing balet in the Teatro Colon. They enjoyed it so much that they wanted me to go. While Tricia was in town I babysatt her kids while she went with my parents, and then on Saturday I got to go with my friend Maile! Her and I put on some very nice clothes with heals, and did our hair and makeup. We went to the Teatro together in a remis and sang country songs the whole way there hahaha. Once we got there we were very surprised when the guard told us we were to enter in the "principales entrada". Which is the entrance for the main levels, and the "good seats" We felt very special walking the red carpet. Once we got in, we were even more surprised to have box seats on the 2nd level. They were most definatly the best seats since we ended up being in the dead center and we could see and hear perfectly. (Thank you so much mom and dad)

It was such a treat! It was so beautiful, and they dancers were incredible! The whole balet was a story (which im not going to explain because it would take forever!). The orchestra was also amazing and we enjoyed listening to the music. Maile and I felt like royalty for a night, which is nice once in a while. It was a fun time and im so glad I got to go!

(pictures of Maile and I later)