Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jonahs Baptism

writing there testimonys in the notebook i got JB

sooo cute!

Happy as can be with his gift from Aunt B.

This post is a little over a week old, but its better late than never.

My nephew Jonah was baptized in our pool in the backyard. It was the sweetest thing ever. All of the zone leaders, familia cox, my sister and all of her kids, husband and in-laws all came. It was a beautiful day! We had the baptism in the morning and it was so nice. My dad then had a little meeting with the Elders, and then the cooks came to prepare lunch! We had an amazingly deliciouse asado!! Jonah had a great time talking to the Elders! Baptisms are always so pure, and lovely and you can just feel the spirit from everyone. Especially from Jonah! He couldnt have smiled any bigger all day!!

I love you so much my Jonah Bruce!!