Saturday, April 28, 2012

Girls night out with Maile

The plan for tonight was to go see Hunger Games. I have read all the books and loved them a lot! I have been so busy though and havent had time to make it, so finally this Saturday. We decided to go to the 6 oclock showing and got there about 40 minutes early. We though that at 5:30 in the afternoon, no one would be there to go see a movie. Boy were we wrong. There was a line all the way outside the food court, it was insane! So we stood in the line for about 45 minutes and when we got to the booth the lady asked how old we were. I said I was 16 and Maile said she was 14. Then the lady proceeded to ask for our IDs, I showed her mine, but Maile forgot hers, so the lady did NOT let us buy tickets. We were so disapointed, and so sad. But we definatly made up for it.

We went shopping and bought some super cute things. We went to ADVENTURA land and rode bumper-karts and Samba and played games. We got mexican food for dinner, and laughed harder than we had ever laughed before. We listened to country music while we waited in lines.We had sooo much fun together. It was a great girls night!