Friday, April 6, 2012

The cool Aunt!

No video games for tonight!!

MMMM yummy candyyy!

The cool kids!

I absoloutly adoreeee the look on Izzys face!

The Jonah Pose!! (that I think he picked up from the Elders ;)

I love this pictures, because we were all jumping and dancing and so was carter while he snapped this awesome shot!

Yes..I am the cool aunt, according to corky, izzy, j.b and carter! Over the past couple of weeks, the adults have been going out to eat and into the city, and I have been babysitting the littles! Pretty much every night we have had PaRtY NiGhT! Izzy I think has had the most fun with it. Every day Izzy will come to me and say "B, are we going to party with you tonight?" Of course I have to say yes! Once even came up to me and said "Dont start the party without me, I have to go brush my hair so we can party like ROCKSTARS!" Ahahaha that made me laugh. Our parties go something like this...

We blast the Ipod on the speakers..sometimes we go outside and dance on the tables..sometimes we go and jump on my bed. We make up dances and funny faces. We take videos and pictures for the memories. I let the kids eat probably more than enough candy (only a couple of times;) We watch Kung Fu Panda..(4 times..because Izzy just thought it was sooo silly!)

For our last night, Courtney and I stacked up some extra twin matresses next to my bed so that we could all sleep together, because my king bed is NOT big enough for, 4 little kickers and one teenager that likes her sleep! We watched Cars 2, and the kids ate lots of candy! We had a little dance party, and spent some time just laughing and tickling and playing.

I made the kids put there DS games on my makeup table, and they were right on it! Even putting it together in a nice formation hahaha. It was a fun time, I sure will miss these little monkeys!!