Sunday, April 1, 2012

Horses and Nachos

They are so cute with there Nana.

Name of the track

Fun fact- all the pieces of white paper you see are the tickets that people have bought to gamble. My dad said that the ones that are ript are the ones where the person lost, and tore it p in anger.

Tricia and her family came to visit us for 2 weeks! Her son Jonah is getting baptized her in Argentina! In our pool in the back yard! Dan served his mission here about 17 years ago so I think they decided this would be a good oppurtunity to come back, I cant wait for the baptizm tommorow it should be amazing, as they always are. The zone leaders are comming as well and we will be having an asado.

While Tricia and her kids have been here, we have done some fun things. I just finished school for my break on friday, so I only have been able to hang out on weekends. Last saturday (the day they got here) We went to the horse race. We live about 5 minutes from the official track, so it was nice to be able to show up when we wanted. Horse races are such a thrill! It was soo much fun! Of course we didnt put in our money, but we all "guessed" who was going to win. To my dads dismay, the first horse I picked (number 11) WON!!! woohooo take that dad! haha anyways the kids had a blast.

after words we went to Lo De Nacho..probably the best place to have nachos in the world. And we caught up and had a nice dinner. It was great. Im glad they are here.


Joy Chytraus said...

Brianna - loved catching up on your blog. You look amazing and you seem to have adapted to Argentine quite nicely! I miss you tons and hope to come visit in a year. Take care and hugs to all the Carters!
Aunt Joy