Friday, April 6, 2012

Seguines are in BA!

As I mentioned in a previouse post, my sister and her family are here in BA. The main reason was for Jonahs baptism (post is on its way) which was sooo incredible. We have had many fun adventures while being here! We have visited the cemetary..which by the way is both the weirdest and most interesting cemetary ive ever been too! We did some shopping in Recoleta. The kids had some more adventures with there Nana and Papa while either I was in school or babysitting the littles. The funnest part though, have been the parties when the adults are gone ;) You know..when the cats away, the mice will play! We would plug in the kids ipod and dance and sing at the top of or lungs, and jump on the bed and watch movies, and just be silly! The kids really looked forward to it..especially Izzy.

Its been so nice having them here. Sure do love the Sequine family :)